Welcome to Physicians’ House CallsHealthcare CoordinationReduce ER Transport and Hospital Admission
Welcome to Physicians’ House Calls

15 years of Home Based Primary Care in Maryland.
Specializes in providing in the home, onsite, one on one, medical care to frequently hospitalized patients throughout central Maryland.

Healthcare Coordination

Tremendous savings are delivered to participating healthcare systems by reducing ER care and hospital admissions.

Reduce ER Transport and Hospital Admission

With our leadership and experience in the evolving trend to shift medical care from hospitals to the community

About Us

Since 1999, Physicians’ House Calls has demonstrated an ability to reduce emergency room transport and hospital admission rates by providing physicians to deliver high quality comprehensive, at home medical services.

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Medical Home Care

Services: We have been bringing phlebotomy, electrocardiogram, CLIA approved tests and coordination of specialized services to the homebound population of central Maryland since our inception.

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